Party On Down / Plague Species

Party On Down - Detail

Party on Down (2011) Recycled fridges, recycled mattress wire, steel, recycled E-Mac, lighting, music and video projections.

Party On Down was a major three-room multimedia installation and sculpture on as part of the 2011 Big West Festival’s Larger Than Life exhibition shown at The Substation, Newport. It was concerned with issues of over-population and played with the themes of rabbits and humans as plague species. It was staged in the Year of the Rabbit and coincided with the human population reaching 7 billion. It was presented with the sculpture Plague Species, an interactive and reactive outdoor installation – yes, folks, a talking rabbit.

Plague Species at Newport 1 PLAGUE SPECIES

Plague Species (2012) Gorse, recycled fencing wire, corrugated tin.

party on down - detail 2Party On Down

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