Prayer Wheel

As part of this year’s Castlemaine Arts Open 2016, we were invited to exhibit at Lot 19 in the A5 show, and as part of the Taradale Artists’ Group show at the Old Castlemaine Gaol.

Light boxes were the go- Excuse me While I Kiss the Sky and Liminal (the cross)  at the Gaol – and the new work called Prayer Wheel at Lot 19. Here’s the artists statement :

Prayer Wheel

This is a work that is revealed when the handle is turned by the viewer. A flickering image appears. It is a sculpture of a young child lying face down, a memorial to the Syrian refugee Aylan Kurdi whose small body was found washed up on a Greek beach.

That image illuminated the human face of the refugee crisis for a flickering moment.

The figure of the child is made from shredded Tattslotto tickets – a reference to the part chance plays in where you are born and how you will live.

The image is frail and brightens the faster the wheel is turned and disappears altogether when the motion stops.

The piece is a meditation on the precarious nature of chance and the fragile connections that bind us together.

Frank Veldze lightbox 383

Unsettled- Castlemaine State Festival 2015

Our latest project is about to go live at the upcoming Castlemaine State Festival – March 14th- 22nd. It’s a collaboration between Frank Veldze, Suzanne Donisthorpe and Kate Osborne.

We’d also like to thank the brilliant Celeste Veldze and Jack Riddle who are the film-makers and Greg Haines and Kinja for the music.

Unsettled is a site responsive piece- to be shown at the very poignant Pennyweight Flat Children’s Cemetery. No more than a pennyweight of gold was ever found there- therefore it was deemed useless and so the land was reserved as a place to bury the children of the gold rush.Today, you see the circles of stones that mark the tiny graves and the very occasional headstone, with a single name fading into history.

Unsettled – play here

Still from Unsettled - Kate Osborne

Still from Unsettled – Kate Osborne

For this project, in the foreground of the cemetery Frank Veldze has created a major sculpture – a 6 x 3 meter abstracted version version of a miner’s cottage made from mattress wire. A dream home if you like – symbolizing all the hopes and wishes that have played out on this sacred land. But is also an uncanny home that offers no shelter and is made from the rusty remains of mattresses- the very site of dreams. It is a home that sits uneasily in the land, a ruin, an illusion, a theft.

The ‘dream home’ will act as a kind of holographic screen onto which a film will be projected.

The film features Kate Osborne who has previously developed a character she called Post Colonial woman – a ghost like figure from the 1860’s that haunts the gold fields- an unsettled spirit. She also made an animation of a drawing where the image evolves and disappears, an idea that has been further explored in this work.

In the film you see the portrait of an unknown man being drawn by the woman alone in the house at night. Who is he we don’t know. Her lover perhaps? The father of her children? Is she drawing to remember him – and where is he? As the film progresses, you see him appear from the blank paper. The soundtrack is light and happy with the sound of laughing children. The woman seems to be dancing to the memory. But she grows sadder, you hear a child crying, the portrait she is drawing grows darker and darker. Eventually the man disappears under a veil of black charcoal.

Suddenly another man appears outside the house. A threat from the bush. The woman sees him and is frightened and drops the lamp. A fire engulfs the house. Then the surrounding trees. We are no longer in 1860- but in the here and now. We hear sirens and the voice of Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his controversial comments declaring before European settlement there was nothing but bush- that Australia was essentially unsettled.

The theme of the Castlemaine Festival is Before and Beyond. This work explores our unsettled relationship with the land, the changing environment and our unresolved relationship with black Australia.

If you want to come and see the full effect, it screens Sat 14th, Sun 15th, Fri 20th and Sat 21st March 2015,  from 9-10.30 pm on a continuous loop. Duration 6 mins.

Pennyweight Flat Children’s Cemetery, Colles Rd Castlemaine

Free – no bookings required.

unsettled 4

Dream Home

dream home build no2 Montalto 2011

Dream Home (2009-2014) Wire mattress, steel frame. Dimensions: 6m x 6m

At his former day job at Ozanam House for Homeless Men in North Melbourne, Frank pondered the nature of ‘home’. His job included stripping mattresses down to the wire for recycling, which then became the basis and inspiration for Dream Home. It is a replica of a full size miner’s hut, but it is a home that offers no protection from the elements, no shelter from the storm.

Currently on permanent display in Moreland Rd, Footscray, an initiative of the Maribyrnong Council and the artists. It was the site for a light and sound projection at the Big West Festival 2013.

Dream Home projection installation at Lot 19, Castlemaine

Honours & Installations

Walter Burley Griffin Incinerator Gallery, Moonee Ponds – solo show – featured as the inaugural Garden Project Exhibition series, 2013
Selected for the 2011 Yering Station Sculpture Prize.
Runner-up for the Heide Prize.
Recipient of the Mitchell Family Choice Award, 2011 Montalto Sculpture Prize.
Winner of the Lot 19 Spring Sculpture prize 2010.

Press coverage

Hope Springs Eternal In Dream Home, The Age, Andrew Stephens, February 2nd 2013
The Conversation Hour, 774 ABC Radio Melbourne, February 18th 2013
Dream Home – Several Layers, Footscray Star Community, February 12 2013
Footscray’s Dream Home Gets To Art Of Sleeping Rough, Star Weekly, April 30 2013


Crescendo at Montalto

Crescendo (2014), Steel frames, wire mattresses, 4.4m X 4.4 X 6 m.

Heide Gallery of Modern Art, June-September 2014
Montalto Sculpture prize 2014

Crescendo - Maquette

Crecendo – Maquette

Crescendo - a sketch

Crescendo – a sketch


Dream Dome - Mt Buller

Dream Dome – (2013), Steel frames, wire mattresses, 4.5 m x 4.5 m.

Honours & Installations

Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2014
Lorne Sculpture prize 2014
Montalto Sculpture Prize 2013
Mt Buller Sculpture prize 2013
Yering Station Sculpture prize 2013
Selected for the Heide prize
Artecycle prize, Incinerator Gallery, Moonee Ponds 2013.

roodome day


dome maquette interior

dream infinite


Burn, bunny, burn.

Plague Species

Plague Species (2010-2011) Gorse, recycled fencing wire, 5m x 2m.

Plague Species (2010-2011) Gorse, recycled fencing wire, 5m x 2m.

The original giant gorse rabbit: contemplating invasive species, like gorse, rabbits and humans.

gorse rabbit at sunrise

ghost rabbit gorse rabbit and deer

Legal Immigrants

Legal Immigrants (2011-2012) Gorse, corrugated iron, fencing wire.

Legal Immigrants (2011-2012) Gorse, corrugated iron, fencing wire.

Lot 19, Castlemaine
Montalto Sculpture Prize 2011

legal immigrants Montalto 2012 1

Party On Down / Plague Species

Party On Down - Detail

Party on Down (2011) Recycled fridges, recycled mattress wire, steel, recycled E-Mac, lighting, music and video projections.

Party On Down was a major three-room multimedia installation and sculpture on as part of the 2011 Big West Festival’s Larger Than Life exhibition shown at The Substation, Newport. It was concerned with issues of over-population and played with the themes of rabbits and humans as plague species. It was staged in the Year of the Rabbit and coincided with the human population reaching 7 billion. It was presented with the sculpture Plague Species, an interactive and reactive outdoor installation – yes, folks, a talking rabbit.

Plague Species at Newport 1 PLAGUE SPECIES

Plague Species (2012) Gorse, recycled fencing wire, corrugated tin.

party on down - detail 2Party On Down

18112011339 BONA fridge

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Are You Lying Down?

are you lying down? periscope 2013 detail

Are You Lying Down? 2013 Wire mattress frames,projection, sound.

It starts with a slap and ends with a sigh; birth, sex and death – what stories does your mattress contain? This is an indoor installation work as part of the Periscope Exhibition, the main curated visual arts show of the festival. It is a light and sound work, projected through wire mattress frames and is mediation on life’s journey as played out in bed. It was described by Tony Elwood, Director of the NGV, who opened the show, as “very moving”.