Dream Chair

Relax in your very own dream armchair, made from the ghosts of mattresses past. These chairs are extremely comfortable, and are great for indoor or outdoor art-lounging. Available painted in your favourite colour, or in raw steel. Withstands all weather conditions and endless bouncing.

POA plus delivery – all enquiries to frank@frankveldze.com.au

red dream armchair mattress armchair - action shot.

This chair was part of the Lorne Sculpture Biennale 2014 as a piece of interactive sculpture. Hundreds of people lounged on it, bounced on it and admired the view from it, and several took one home. Why don’t you join them?

“My god, it’s so comfortable! –Nicole, Clifton Hill

44-Gallon Drum Brazier

Outdoor fires don’t come any classier than this. Each re-purposed 44-gallon drum has been cut and re-attached to keep the fire at comfortable marshmallow-toasting height and off the ground – safe for use on lawn or heat-sensitive surfaces. This is the outdoor fire for the discerning art appreciator.

Air vent cutouts are custom-cut to your preferred design. Get one customised for your wedding or corporate event! $400 plus delivery. All enquiries to frank@frankveldze.com.au.

44 gallon drum brazier bin fire - dogs 44 gallon drum brazier bin fire - kanji

Tire Swan

Tire swan – a nearly-extinct species, as modern steel radials are not compatible with the reproduction of the tire swan. Best bought in mating pairs to ensure the future of the species.

These swans are made using Frank’s secret proprietary technique that allows the preservation of the tire tread, unlike most traditional methods, for a unique textural depth. Custom-made, including wire sculpture accessories of your choice.

$350 plus postage and handling – please contact frank@frankveldze.com.au for enquiries.

Tire Swan


Price on application

See something you like in Frank’s catalogue of works? All works are available for purchase, or you can order a custom piece to suit your own taste and space requirements. Email Frank at frank@frankveldze.com.au.

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